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Buffalo's Replication feature provides easy and high performance data replication from one Buffalo NAS device to another Buffalo NAS device over the network or the Internet. With replication, rest assured that your important documents are always and immediately backed up onto another device on the network. (The following has been extracted from Buffalo Technology website)


Who Needs Replication? Anyone who cannot afford to lose data in the event of a device failure. Replicating data onto another device protects that data in the event of a hard drive or complete hardware failure, theft, or fire of a NAS device.

Can I Replicate Data over the Internet? Yes, Buffalo NAS devices that support replication can replicate to other supported NAS devices over the Internet. This allows businesses to have replication between offices in different locations. Having data in different physical locations is one of the best ways to protect a business from permanent data loss.

Can I Replicate in Both Directions? Yes, replication can be configured to operate in both directions allowing for changes on either NAS device to be replicated to the other NAS device. When configured, two shares on two NAS devices will be completely synchronized regardless of which NAS receives new files, changes files, or deletes files.

Can I Replicate to Multiple Devices? Yes, Buffalo NAS devices that support replication can replicate to multiple supported NAS devices simultaneously. This allows businesses to replicate information between a headquarters and multiple branch locations. Alternatively, multiple NAS devices can replicate to a single supported NAS device. This allows for all information from branch locations to be replicated onto a single NAS device at headquarters.

NOTE: Replicating data over the Internet may use excessive Internet bandwidth depending on the replication configuration. Performance of replication over the Internet will be limited to the speed of the Internet connections.

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